I am the Bread of Life...

By Arlene and Marta

Here at St. Thomas we are blessed with Fr. Kevin who says Mass for the faithful Tuesday through Friday morning. Mass attendance ranges from 10 to 30. Through the years, I’ve watched many come to daily Mass. I have my own reason but I wanted to find out why others would come out in the cold and sometimes rainy weather to attend Mass. So I asked them.

Jaime has Multiple Sclerosis. It is somewhat difficult for him to dress and drive to mass. He walks with a walker but always has a smile. I asked him if it was painful for him to come and he said, “yes.” So I asked him what motivates him to continue to come? He said,

“I have been coming here for a year now. I come to daily mass because I
pray for my daughter who died of leukemia 2 years ago. She was only 12
years old. I pray for my wife who died l year ago because of a stroke. She
was 47 years old. I also come to pray for my other two children. I have MS
and I pray for healing for myself. Since I have been coming I feel stronger
in my legs and I feel God touches me each time I come and gives me

After hearing his testimony I felt led to ask others, why they attended Mass during the week and what they got out of it. Here are their responses:

“Almost all things we do reflect our family heritage and our own needs. I
attend daily mass frequently because of both. Daily mass was a common
occurrence in our family as we were growing up. It started the day right. As
I’ve grown older, it fills many of my needs. The Lord’s strength becomes my
strength and direction. If we truly believe in the presence of Christ in the
Eucharist, it becomes a joy to reach out to Him at daily mass. It is a matter
of spiritual health in a world that can pull us apart.”

“Daily Mass for me is the most important meal of the day. Without the food
for my mind and for my soul I feel starving.”

“I attend daily Mass when I get the chance because it’s like attending a
mini-Bible lesson. The homily gives me a better insight into the Scriptures,
and I have become more aware of the liturgical calendar and the church
seasons. There isn’t a better way to start my day. Every time, I leave more
keenly focused on the things of God and rededicated to making changes in
my life that will bring me closer to Jesus.”

A Parishioner:
“They say that, ‘What word of God hit you the most is God’s special
message to you.’ That’s why I go to church daily hoping he has a special
message for me. Going to church daily make me feel very unsusceptible to

“Going to daily mass was the beginning of each day, practiced and lived
out by my parents. For many years it was sort of a passed down tradition
until I began to understand it in a deeper way. As I matured in my Christian
faith and walk, I began to recognize and feel the strength, hope and faith
daily Mass produced, and my conviction grew into belief. Jesus wants me to
have the power to carry out His love for all. Daily Mass for me is food and
drink for mind, body & soul to go and teach all nations.”

“Going to Mass each day helps me to start my day with focus on Jesus
Christ who cares for me. He gave his life for me because of His love for me.
In Baptism, I received that love, and in the Holy Eucharist, the Body and
Blood of Christ, he nourishes me in mind, body and spirit. I look forward to
receiving Jesus each day and hopefully becoming more in oneness with Him
through His grace, mercy and love. I also look forward to hearing the
Scripture readings and to the teachings of the Scripture from our gifted
pastor Father Kevin. God’s Word is mighty and powerful and to be applied
to our lives so that we might live a more victorious life giving all praise and
glory to God.”

“I am privileged to be able to attend daily mass and for that I am very
grateful. I come to Praise the Lord, listen to His Word, and give thanks for
all the many blessings He bestows upon my family, friends, and myself. In
receiving His Word and Eucharist, I ask for His strength, courage, healing,
peace, and love to flow through me to those He places in my path daily. I
thank Him for His many gifts freely given to us upon our asking.”

I myself find it somewhat difficult to attend daily mass. It would be much easier for me to stay at home. The thing that drives me is knowing that in order to be the wife, mother, and Christian I want to be I MUST feed upon the source of life, the Eucharist. Without it I have no strength. I cannot see, hear or discern direction, decisions or truth without the word of God and the Eucharist. I cannot give to my husband, my children or my community any nourishment if I don’t nourish myself at the Eucharistic table. The Mass to me gives me everything I need for the day; the Scripture, teaching, confession, community, intercession, praise and thanksgiving. I feel like I am covered with an umbrella of grace as I go about the rest of the day and since I prayed for my family and friends I feel that they are also blessed. It is like after receiving the Eucharist we become the walking tabernacle of  God’s presence to all those we touch throughout the day.                          

The Eucharist is Jesus!

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“One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after;
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.”
Psalm 27:4

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