Are these statements True or False?


___ T ___ F    1. The original manuscripts of the Bible have perished.


___ T ___ F   2. The oldest manuscript is preserved in the Vatican Library.


___ T ___ F   3. The books of the Bible we have today were determined by the Roman Catholic Church.


___ T ___ F   4. The Septuagint was used throughout Christian history.


___ T ___ F   5. The Septuagint was Old Testament translated to Greek, that was translated 200 years before. Christ. This was the Scriptures that Jesus and the first Apostles used. This is also the scriptures the Roman Catholic Church continues to use today.


___ T ___ F   6. The Apostles never had a New Testament.


___ T ___ F   7. Martin Luther put the extra books not translated from Hebrew, contained in the Septuagint at the end of the Hebrew translation of the Old Testament but did not mean for them to be dropped from the old Testament.


___ T ___ F   8. Mary did not have other children besides Jesus. The brothers and sisters made reference to in Scripture were relatives.


___ T ___ F   9. The Bible is about God’s self-revelation, His personally communication to us.


___ T ___ F   10. The Bible is a library of smaller books.


___ T ___ F   11. Ignorance of the Scripture is ignorance of Christ (St. Jerome)


___ T ___ F   12. The Scriptures and the Blessed Sacrament are venerated by the Church.


___ T ___ F    13. If we pray the Holy spirit helps us read the Bible


___ T ___ F   14. The Deuterocanonicals Books are: Baruch, Judith, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Sirach, Tobit, Wisdom, expanded version of Daniel and Esther.



Answers:  All of the statements above are true.


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