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On Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Cloning

As Christians, as Catholics, we believe that human life begins at conception. That means that from the moment an egg unites with a sperm a human life exists, being so it is the responsibility of a human society to protect that life and to guaranty human rights and protection to all human beings from conception to natural death. Marta Alves - Leap of Faith - www.faithleap.org

Stem Cell Research and the Catholic Church 



Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning



Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith - Instruction Dignitas Personae - On Certain Bioethical Questions



Human Life and Dignity



Say NO to Embryonic Stem Cell Research



There is a good editorial in the Wall Street Journal Editorial of 031009. The values are secular in nature but they offer a good argument of why politics and science should not be separated.


Updated on July 14, 2013

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