Life is a Gift

By Marta Alves

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I remember 35 years ago when I was teaching religion to a group of fifth graders:

I was searching for words to explain that killing was a mortal sin, therefore abortion was a mortal sin because the mother was killing a baby… an unborn, defenseless BABY.

In my confusion trying to explain the concept so they would understand, but at the same time trying not hurt their innocent souls with more information than it was necessary, I must have looked very nervous; when a ten year old boy raised his hand and "saved the day."

"Mrs.--- , when I was little in my mother’s womb, she thought of aborting me and she didn’t. Instead she gave me to my parents. I am adopted and alive because my mom let me live and didn’t abort me."

If silence can be measured in terms of weight, the silence in the room was very, very "heavy."  The children understood: ABORTION IS KILLING. LIFE IS THE GIFT OF GOD TO US, and thanks to the life support and love of our mothers through their pregnancies we are here today.

Mr. Dougherty must be around 30 years old now, and he is alive because his mother did not have an abortion. And on that evening 20 years ago he taught an invaluable lesson to a group of children his age.

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Today I opened a letter from the Priests for Life,

and I was deeply moved by a letter written to them by Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

The following is a scanned copy of the letter for you to enjoy and cherish with me:



 I respected and admired Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and her word is to be respected by all of us.

LITTLE_ANGEL.GIF (6740 bytes)  Life is a Gift…

I have a very dedicated friend who teaches Natural Family Planning, doing everything in her power to proclaim the sanctity of life. In the following links you will find her writings, hopefully giving you new insights. Life is worth Giving. Handle with Care.   Natural Family Planning is a Way of Life.


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