Pray for World Peace!

Pacem in Terris- 2003


Invoking the memory of St. Francis, and his love for all of God's creation, the Holy Father insisted that authentic world peace must be built on "two pillars: commitment to justice and a readiness to forgive." And he reiterated his insistence that "no religious motive can possibly justify the use of violence by man against man. The Pope suggested that all participants in the day's events should pray "that we be given the gift of recognizing the path of peace, of right relationship with God and among ourselves."

After the Pope's address, the various religious groups went to separate locations to pray according to their own traditions. The Christian group-- by far the largest-- met in the lower basilica, for a ceremony that included readings from the Gospel, the recitation of prayers composed for the occasion, and moments of silence. The service concluded with the recitation of the Lord's Prayer.

January 24, 2002

This is a News Brief from the World Day of Prayer in the Vatican according to