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From Marta

Book Review on RB 1980: THE RULE OF ST. BENEDICT IN ENGLISH - Edited by Timothy Fry, O.S.B


From Arlene

The Lamb's Supper by Scott Hahn

Of all things Catholic, there is nothing that is so familiar as the Mass. Yet most Catholics sitting in the pews on Sunday fail to see the powerful supernatural drama that enfolds them. Pope John Paul II described the Mass as “Heaven on Earth,” explaining that what "We celebrate on Earth is a mysterious participation in the heavenly liturgy." You can sit and read this book in one afternoon.

If you are interested in the Scriptural Handbook on the Papacy, read Jesus, Peter & the Keys by Scott Butler, Norman Dahlgren & Rev. Mr. David Hess. This book is a tremendous reference book - scriptural and historically - confirming the roll of the Papacy.  It is an excellent tool to give to those that are knowledgeable of scripture that are not Catholic and helps Catholics to understand and articulate authority in the Catholic Church to others.


Tapes to Listen to

  Overcoming the New Age Movement by Matthew Arnold is an eye opener of how the New Age Movement can creep into and affect our lives.  Awareness and being alert is a key for protection from deception.  This is a perfect series to better understand the hidden dangers and deceptive doctrine of the New Age that now permeates society.


The Rapture Revealed by David Currie is an excellent set of tapes to listen too especially with all the books and movies out about being left behind.  This is a must for Catholics so not to be confused about the end times. In this insightful series, David reveals detailed information about the Rapture and what it means to Catholic Christians.


Stand Up for Your Faith by Dr. Scott Hahn is a compact course on how to evangelize and Catechize, and stand up for your faith!  Are you excited about being Catholic, but sometimes tongue-tied when it comes to sharing your faith?  You're not alone.  Many Catholics today keep silent in the face of challenges.  In a world that needs your witness, such silence is deadly - deadly not just for the world. but for you, because faith that's not shared is soon lost.


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