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Reza el Rosario...      From the Vatican : Pray the Rosary for Peace!

Song -With a Rosary in My Hand


Arlene and Marta, Editors

Make it a part of your daily prayers and your life will never be the same.


The rosary is a very old form of prayer that can be  defined as a 

scriptural meditation. As we pray the Our  Fathers and the Hail 

Marys, we concentrate on the  mysteries in the lives of Jesus and the 

Blessed Virgin  Mary. The origin of the Rosary devotion is  

traditionally connected with St. Dominic who lived in  Spain in the 

thirteenth century. The Blessed Virgin  Mary appeared to St. 

Dominic, holding a Rosary in her  hand. She said that the devotion to 

the Rosary would  convert sinners and obtain great graces from God. 

St.  Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order, taught  the people 

how to pray the rosary, and more than one  hundred thousand were 

converted. Seven centuries  later in 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary 

asked the  children of Fatima to pray the rosary as well: "I am the  

Lady of the Rosary. I have come to warn the faithful to  amend their 

lives and ask pardon for their sins. People  must NOT continue to 

offend our Lord, already so  deeply offended. Pray the Rosary."In 

today�s world,  we find that the prayer of peace that the rosary  

represents is prayed and recommended by many. Pope  John Paul II 

has a cassette and a CD on praying the  rosary, which has become a 

hot seller in the secular  world. Here in our hometown of Sugar Land,
Father Roy Oggero writes: 
I want to suggest praying the Rosary daily. It is the Prayer of  
Peace. You can pray  out anger, envy, bitterness, unforgiveness,  
fear, anxiety; and the opposite of these begin to  come into your  
life.  There is a story Father Albert Shaman, a priest of the  
Rochester, New  York Diocese tells. It is the story of Austria�s  
great Rosary Crusade that liberated the country  from Soviet  
control: At the end of WW2, the victorious allies pulled out of  
Austria and left it  in Soviet hands. After three years of tyranny  
the Austrian people could no longer bear the  Communist  
control. Father Peurus remembered the story of how the  
Ottoman Turks were  defeated at Lepanto in 1591, though the  
Christians were outnumbered three to one. - The  Rosary was  
prayed by all the men and the Turks were defeated. So Father  
Peurus called for a  Rosary Crusade against the occupying  
Soviets. He asked for ten percent of the population to  pray the  
Rosary everyday. That would be 700,000 Austrians. He got the  
700,000 and for  seven years the Rosary was prayed everyday.  
On May 13, 1955, the anniversary of the Fatima  Apparitions,  
the Russians withdrew from Austria. Their evacuation made no  
sense since  Austria was a real war prize. To this day many  
historians are baffled by the pullout. I mention  this event to  
simply remind us that prayer is very powerful, and especially  
the Rosary. The  choice to experience this power is yours and  
mine. I pray all of us will say �YES� to the Holy  Spirit more  
often and pray the Rosary. May the Lord and Our Lady be with  
our Assembly and  with all our families.(1) 
We need a Rosary crusade in each one of our families to defeat  
and drive out the  stronghold the devil has over our lives, and  
the hearts and minds of our children. The rosary  has helped  
many lives, bringing blessing from situations which seemed  
hopeless as the story,  His Mother's Beads, found in A  
Missionary's Notebook (2) illustrates: 

I had been all evening in the confessional. At a quarter to twelve I was mounting the
stairs that led to my room, when the night bell rang. I went to the door. 
"Who is there?"  I asked. 
"A man who must see the priest."
"But this is no time to see the priest. Is anyone sick ?" 
"Yes, Father," was the answer in a sad voice. "I am worse than sick." 
I opened the door and faced the speaker, a man in poor attire. 
"Father," he said, "do you want to save a soul?" 
Then he entered, though I had not invited him to do so.  
Ordinarily such a proceeding  would put me on my guard. I felt  
no fear this time, and under the dim light of the hall lamp I   
scrutinized the intruder. He took off his cap and I saw a white,  
haggard face, unkept hair, a  ragged coat and grimy hands. The  
eyes were clear and earnest, and I waited to hear what  should  
come next. 
"Father, I am a burglar and belong to an organized band. Don't  
be afraid. I was once a  good Catholic, but I have not  
practiced my religion for years. This very night I held-up a   
laboring man who I knew had received his pay. I grabbed his  
throat and took from his pocket  a roll of bills. Entangled with  
them was a rosary. When I saw the beads I felt a shiver run   
through me. My mother's face came before me. Like a flash I  
thrust the money back into the  man's hand and said: "You take  
that; I will keep this," and before he could make an outcry I   
fled down an alley to a shelter and sat down, looking at the rosary. 
I saw our little house in the country and my old mother (God  
rest her!) sitting in her chair on  the porch with her beads in her  
lap. The sun was shining and the creatures on the farm were   
making their pleasant noises; but mother was looking at me. I  
called out, "Do you want  anything, mother?" "No, son, only that  
you be a good man. I am saying my beads for you."  
"Father, I heard her voice as plainly as I hear my own, and it  
broke me all up. I resolved to  become an honest man and see a  
priest this very night. I had little hope of finding one at this  late  
hour, and I think God had mercy on me when He sent you to me." 
"My son," I said, "do you want to go to confession?" 
"That's what brought me here, Father." 
I drew him into a little room where there was always a stole and  
a crate, and he got on his  knees and made his confession. It was  
a strange scene. The darkened room, only the hall lamp dimly  
burning outside; the silent house and the solemn tolling of  
midnight which rang out  over the city. But God's work was  
accomplished, and when we stood again at the door he  said: 
"Father, you can trust me. I have not a cent in the world. I will  
return what you will lend me next Saturday." 
I put my hand in my pocket. There was nothing but a two-dollar bill. 
"I am sorry I have nothing more," I said. 
"It will do, Father. I will try to get work, and this will give me  
lodging and meals till I do. I  
will be here next Saturday. Good-night." 
"God bless you, my son," I said. "Good-night." And I closed  the door. 
It was long before I slept. The face of the poor man was before  
me, the little white  rosary and the vivid picture of that old  
mother in her chair on the porch seemed to follow me  even as I  dreamed... 

"Oh, ye sainted old mothers who pray for your wandering sons,  
NEVER GIVE UP. God  cannot deny your prayers.  THEY  
WILL COME BACK, and there shall be joy in heaven over  the  
sinner who returns, over the sheep that was lost and is found  
through your loving  prayers." 
Need I say that he came back the following Saturday and has  
come regularly since,  leading the life of a good and honest  man?

The Rosary is like an umbilical cord of grace that connects my  
earthly journey with  my eternal family and home. Reflect on  
this a minute. An umbilical cord is what connects the  unborn  
baby to the mother and is the vehicle by which all the  
nourishment the baby needs  passes. As I pray the Rosary, that  
line of spiritual nourishment is open for inspiration,  wisdom,  
counsel and insight to direct and guide me until I depart to my  
eternal home.  

My devotion to the rosary began when I was a child. It was  
fostered by my family  praying the rosary together in the  
evenings at home, on our knees. I don�t remember it being   
particular spiritual. Some funny things happened as mother and  
dad tried to keep us from  teasing each other in order to get  
through the Rosary. Yet it had a very powerful impact on  my  
life. I went to a Catholic school, and we prayed the rosary there.  
In my small town,  praying the rosary was a part of most  
liturgical devotions. After I got older, I moved away  and I was  
confronted by many different opinions which led to confusion  
and  misunderstandings. At times I suffered mockery and  
ridicule because of my faith. Some of  these actions came from  
sincere, bible-believing Christians. I began to feel  
uncomfortable and  intimidated. As a result, I stopped praying  
the rosary and making the sign of the cross outside  of church  
settings except for an occasional crisis. Those outside the  
church sounded so  knowledgeable and so scriptural back then,  
that I thought they had to know what they were  talking about. I  
began to pray for the Lord to show me the truth, and in earnest  
began to study  the scripture and my Catholic faith. 
I t was after I went to a Life in the Spirit Seminar where I made  
Jesus Lord of my  life, when Jesus gave me back His mother  
and the gift of the rosary. I have been praying it  since. To me  
the rosary is the most powerful source of intercessory prayer,  
next to the Holy  Sacrifice of the Mass. It is a biblical cord of  
grace that keeps me connected to the Church and  to the  
sacraments that Jesus established. It has been a long journey,  
but I am a Catholic today  because I have tasted and seen the  
truth of the faith through prayer and study. I have seen that  true  
devotion to Mary and the rosary always leads to Jesus,  
especially to the Eucharistic table.  
I believe today that there are reasons behind the historical,  
traditional, scriptural collective  conscience and teachings of the  
Apostolic Fathers. There are valid reasons for the teachings   
and practice of our faith.(3) 
When I look at my rosary, the first thing I see is the crucifix  
reminding me of the  entire salvation message. Reflecting and  
meditating on Jesus� life, death and resurrection,  while praying  
the rosary, is like mentally reading, and visualizing the  
scriptures. The rosary to  me is also like my day keeper that  
helps me keep my appointments with God in prayer. It  helps  
me establish priorities in prayer and helps me accomplish  
specific intentions. The  Rosary in my hand is centering prayer.  
It keeps me focused on prayer, and protects me from  the many  
distractions that would otherwise occupy my mind. The Rosary  
helps me obey  God's command to pray without ceasing. It  
helps me avoid thoughts of jealousy, resentment,  bitterness or  
unforgiveness. It is a tool to keep my heart clean. The enemy  
hates the rosary  and will go to great lengths to keep us from  
praying it. One time, someone came into my  home and  
demanded my husband to command me not to pray the rosary.  
How powerful the  rosary must be! 
I can reflect, plan or organize my day while praying the rosary.  
It only takes fifteen  to twenty minutes to pray a rosary. I can  
pray it in the car. I can pray it while I'm exercising. I  can pray  
it with a tape while I'm working. I can pray it out loud or  
silently. I can pray it in  thanksgiving, praise or petition. I can  
pray it while I'm in the depths of despair or when I feel  like  
I'm on the mountain top. I can sing it or chant it. I can reach the  
depth of intimacy with  the Lord while praying the rosary, or I  
can scratch the surface with it. It is a tool given to us  by the  
Blessed Virgin Mary. What I get out of it often depends on  
what I put into it. The  graces we receive from praying the  
rosary do NOT depend upon our feelings, knowledge or   
understanding of the rosary. It is God's gift. You can be a  
doctor, a farmer, a priest, a nun, the  Pope, a child, and you can  
pray the rosary. You can be a Catholic or Protestant and pray  
the  rosary. God does not limit His graces. You can be a thief, a  
murderer, an adulterer and begin  praying the rosary sincerely  
and repentantly, and God's grace will not leave you there.  
There  are no rules, only guidelines. You can personalize it like  
"...Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray  for and assist ____ now  
and at the hour of his death. Amen." You can pray the rosary   
silently while you watch TV or a movie with your family. This  
is an excellent opportunity to  pray for the media and be present  
to the family.  
May I suggest you to pray a minimum of three, five decade  
rosaries a day. If you are  married pray the first rosary for  
yourself. We must avail ourselves of the graces first. The   
reason is the same as given by the airline stewards when they  
explain what to do if the cabin  pressure should change... The  
oxygen mask comes down, we are to put the mask over   
ourselves first and then on our children. The pressures of life  
are constantly changing. We  cannot help our children if we are  
spiritually malnourished. So pray the first rosary for  yourself.  
The second rosary pray for your spouse. In praying the rosary  
for your spouse, you  will be healed and guarded against  
resentments, bitterness and unforgiveness and your spouse  will  
also have the grace to face the pressures of the day. The third  
rosary pray for your  children. What good is it to gain the world  
and lose your children spiritually, emotionally or  physically? 1-  
Peter 5:8 reads; �The devil is prowling around like a roaring  
lion looking for  someone to devour.� Our children need our  
prayers for protection, guidance and deliverance  from the ways  
of this world. If you are a teenager or single, pray the first  
rosary for yourself,  the second one for your family, and the  
third for your vocation in life. Try this for six weeks  and see  
the miracles that can happen. There are so many graces  
available through Mary's  intercession. You might say it is  
asking a lot to pray three rosaries a day, but Daniel in the  Old  
Testament went to prayer three times a day. I really believe the  
lack of prayer is what is  wrong with our families today. We  
spend so much time in entertainment. We don't spend  enough  
time on our knees. We are busy going out to eat, going to or  
renting movies, playing  video games, sports, reading books, or  
sitting in front of the TV. We CAN make time to pray  the  
rosary if it is a priority in our life. It is not too much to ask  
children to pray the rosary.  
Our Lady appeared mostly to children and asked them to pray  
many rosaries. I believe it is  too much to ask children to pray  
the rosary if we ourselves do not pray it. God grant us the  gift  
of prayer. Pray the Rosary! We are capable of doing greater  
things. If I can't spend one  hour a day in prayer, how am I  
going to lay down my life for the Lord. Better a quick rosary   
than none. It's like when my husband or my children run out the  
door each morning, I would  rather have a kiss on the cheek  
than no kiss at all. Hopefully the grace from a quick rosary  will  
lead me into a more reflective one later. Do not wait until the  
end of the day to pray your  rosary. It is not your guardian  
angel's responsibility to finish it after you fall asleep. Pray the   
rosary early in your day. If you want to see the power of prayer,  
I recommend you to commit yourself to pray  the Rosary  
Novena by Charles V. Lacy for specific intentions. You can  
find this booklet in  the Catholic book store. Pray 27 days in  
petition and 27 days in thanksgiving along with  suggested  
meditations in his booklet. It is one of the most powerful  
novenas you can pray.  We are at war, and Scripture Eph 6:12  
says, "Our battle is not against flesh and blood but  against the  
principalities from above." Rev. 12:17 says, "Enraged at the  
woman's escape, the  dragon went off to make war on the rest  
of her offspring on those who keep God's  commandments and  
give witness to Jesus." No one goes into a battle without a battle  
plan.  Prayer takes discipline and commitment, much like a  
soldier at war. Jesus did not abandon us.  He gave us everything  
we need to be victorious. He has given us our Holy Father, the  
Pope,  to whom Jesus left His authority and voice on earth when  
He said: �He who hears you hears  Me.� So we must listen to  
and obey the teachings of the church. He has given us His very  
self  in the Eucharist which is the fountain of all grace, and the  
Word of God to draw his very life  from. He has given us  
sacraments, sacramentals, devotions, and prayers to keep us  
plugged  into the source of grace. He has given us His Mother  
and the communion of saints to  intercede and assists us.  
Specifically, ask St. Michael, the Archangel, to assist you. Once  
you  have seen the miracles of the rosary, you will want to spend  
more and more time praying it. Test  it! To me the Rosary is an  
umbilical cord of grace, that crushes the head of the serpent.  
Buy  several inexpensive rosaries and have a priest bless them.  
Then if you break one or lose it,  you will not be tempted to  
stop praying the rosary. 
When you experience a grievous offense; rejection, betrayal,  
persecution or abuse, it  may become difficult to pray the  
rosary. Then you need to exercise your will over your   
emotions. Commit yourself to persevere in praying the rosary  
especially for the offender. If  you still find it difficult to pray  
the rosary, get a rosary tape to pray along with, until you get   
through the difficult time. If the condition persists, find a friend  
to pray the rosary for you, if  possible with you. Go to  
confession, and if necessary, to the sacrament of anointing.  
Most  likely this is the result of intense hurt, anger,  
unforgiveness, and bitterness toward the  offender or even  
toward God. This condition can distort your ability to listen,  
discern and  obey the Will of God. It is also possible, if this  
condition persists, for it to cause alienation  from the one who  
hurt you and alienation from the Church. Guard your heart with  
all your  might. Romans 12:14 reads; "Bless those who  
persecute you." To me it is a matter of life or  death.
"Athletes deny themselves all sorts of things. They do this to win a crown  
of leaves  that withers, but we a crown that is imperishable."  
1 Cor 9:25


Go for the gold! Pray the rosary!  

Why do I pray the Rosary? 
I pray the Rosary to find peace-the peace that only God can  
give. In praying the  rosary, I bring my troubles to the Lord, and  
very quietly I hear Him speak to me. He, the  author of all said:  
"Ask and you will receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and  
it will be  opened up to you." I experience a taste of heaven  
when I pray the Rosary and think of the  greatness of God. The  
more I pray, the more I want to pray.
1995 Arlene and Marta


(1) Message to the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus in  Bishop John L. Morkovsky Assembly- August 1995. Printed with permission.

(2) A Missionary's Notebook, Rev. Richard W. Alexander, P.J. Kenedy & Sons,New York,1908, pp 122- 125

(3) Order Scott Hahn's audio or video on Answering  Common Objections Against the Catholic Church.
St Joseph Publications 1-800-526-2151 

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About the rosary, Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday October 10, 2010 said:

The month of October is called the month of the Rosary. This is a "spiritual intonation," so to speak, provided by the liturgical memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, which is celebrated on October 7. We are thus invited to let ourselves be guided by Mary in this ancient and ever new prayer, which is especially dear to her because it leads directly to Jesus, contemplated in his mysteries of salvation: joyous, luminous, sorrowful and glorious. In the footsteps of the venerable John Paul II (cf. Apostolic Letter "Rosarium Virginis Mariae�), I would like to recall that the Rosary is a biblical prayer, completely interwoven with Sacred Scripture. It is a prayer of the heart in which the repetition of the "Hail Mary" orients one's though and affection toward Christ, and thus one confidently supplicates his Mother and ours. It is a prayer that aids meditation on the Word of God and is likened to Eucharistic communion on the model of Mary, who carries in her heart all Jesus did and said and his presence itself.

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