Leap of Faith

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A Letter to a College Freshman

A Touch of Eternity

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Be Merciful to Know Mercy

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Blessed Virgin Mary - Theotokos

Catholic Trivia

Catholics Do Not Believe in Idolatry

Christian Morality Is Under Attack

Christmas Reflection

College Freshman

Daily Mass

Defend the Common Good

Dignity of Women

Don't be Afraid



Go to the Sacraments

God is Merciful

Holy Mother the Church

Hope in the Lord

How can I resist temptation and stand strong against sin?

How to Pray the Rosary

Hurricane Katrina

I Believe that There is no Accident in God’s plan

In God We Trust

Jesus is the Way

Late for church or left early?

Life is a Gift

Love of Freedom

My Prayer for You

Need a Miracle?

No health care CARES if it provides ABORTION

Pray the Rosary


Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Respect Human Life

Sign of the Cross


Teenager Corner

The Eucharist

The Greatest Thing to Fear is Fear

The Love of Jesus Christ

The Transfiguration of the Lord on Mount Tabor

To Be Merciful We Have to Know Mercy

Walking with Christ

Watch Your Tongue

Wear the Miraculous Medal

What about Capital Punishment?

What about Chain Letters?

What about Cloning?

What about Consubstantial?

What about Indulgences?

What about Marriage?

What about Meditation?

What about the Second Vatican Council?

What Does God Command?

What is the Catholic Church's Position on Suicide? 

What is the Triduum?

What Would Jesus Say?

Why did the Tsunami happen?

Why do Catholics Have Crucifixes? 

Why do Good People Suffer? New


Yoga is not Catholic


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